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Sergey Panasenko

Chief research officer, Aktiv Co., Moscow, Russia

E-mail Serg@panasenko.ru
Web http://www.panasenko.ru
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25+ years of work in the field of IT security, including cryptography and information security software design and development, project management and management of R&D departments.

Strong experience in successful R&D teams creating and projects completion with restricted time and resources. Large & successful experience in managing research projects. Wide experience in Windows applications development using Microsoft Visual Studio with C/C++/C# (Windows API, MFC, .NET) and SQL (MySQL & MS SQL Server). Expert in cryptographic algorithms and methods of their use (6 books, 11 patents and over 300 papers in cryptography and information security). Ph. D. and Microsoft Certified Professional.


National Research University of Electronic Technology (Moscow, Russia).
Department of Micro-devices & Technical Cybernetics

02.1995 M.Sc. Specialization: Radio Engineering.
11.2003 Ph.D. Thesis: “Analysis and development of middleware systems for embedding cryptographic algorithms into common software systems”.


Work Experience (in reverse order)

07.2022 – present time

Aktiv Co., Moscow. Chief Research Officer.

My main task is to carry out research works in some areas of applied cryptography.

10.1996 – 07.2022

ANCUD Ltd., Moscow.
ANCUD Ltd. (found in 1991) is a well-known Russian designer and manufacturer of hard- and software for cryptographic protection of information and user access control systems.
Main customers: Federal ministries and departments, Central Bank of Russia and its regional branches, commercial banks.

02.2014 – present time

Vice Director for Research & Integration.

Main responsibilities:

  • organization of research work and active participation in them;
  • positioning the firm as an R&D company with strong research experience and capabilities;
  • public relations;
  • monitoring of the current level of science and technology in areas of the company's activity;
  • coordination of integration projects execution;
  • searching for corporate customers for research and integration projects.
01.1999 – 01.2014

Head of Software Development department.

Management of software development, including:

  • cryptography and data protection software (encryption, digital signature);
  • unauthorized access prevention systems;
  • network security: VPN systems (IPSec) & packet filters;
  • client-server authentication, access control & authorization applications.

Software architecture development, research activities (see details below) and programming.

10.1996 – 01.1999

Software developer (smart card applications, encryption modules).
10.1995 – 10.1996 “Komponent” factory (Moscow), software developer.
04.1995 – 05.1995 Applied Communications Inc. UK (Watford, UK), trainee programmer.

Books (in Russian)

Fundamental cryptography for economists, Moscow, Finance & Statistics, 2005, with V.P.Batura – 176 pp. ISBN 5-279-02938-6.

Reference book of encryption algorithms, Sankt-Petersburg, BHV-Petersburg, 2009 – 576 pp. ISBN 978-5-9775-0319-8. Over 80 citations according to Russian Science Index.

ANCUD Company – 25 years of information security providing in Russia, Moscow, Technosphere, 2016 – 256 pp. ISBN 978-5-94836-429-2. Editor and author of several chapters.

Practical methods of providing the security of information resources, Moscow, Technosphere, 2017, with A.E.Dvinskikh and S.A.Salmanova – 238 pp. ISBN 978-5-94836-494-0.

Smart cards and information security, Moscow, DMK Press, 2019, with K.Y.Mytnik – 516 pp. ISBN 978-5-97060-690-2.

Cryptographic methods in blockchain, Moscow, DMK Press, 2022, with E.A.Ischukova, K.S.Romanenko & V.D.Salmanov – 302 pp. ISBN 978-5-97060-865-4.



International papers (in reverse order):

Over 300 domestic publications (in Russian; almost full list in Russian here). Main topics:

My publications in citation indexes:



Training Centre of Russian Ministry of Revenue, Obninsk, Russia

09.1999 – 12.1999 "Asymmetric cryptographic methods for providing information security".

National Research University of Electronic Technology

03.2003 – 06.2005 "Information security", 4th level, about 60 students.
"Methods and tools for computer information protection", 4th level, about 100 students.
09.2011 – 01.2012 "Security of information processing in computer systems", 4th level, about 20 students.


Other Activity

01.2002 – present time

“Security systems”, “World and security”, “Information security questions”, “Sec.ru” (journals, in Russian). Reviewer.
“Information security questions” (ISSN 2073-2600). Editorial board member.

04.2005 – 06.2021

National Research University of Electronic Technology.
Opponent, Ph. D. thesis defenses.

06.2006 – 06.2021

National Research University of Electronic Technology.
M. Sc. certification committee.
Specializations: “Complex Protection of Information Objects” and “Software Engineering”.

2008 ICT'08 (15th International Conference on Telecommunications). Reviewer.

04.2013 – present time

International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering” (scientific journal, Singapore, ISSN 1793-8201). Reviewer.

03.2015 – present time

Microprocessors and Microsystems” (scientific journal, UK, ISSN 0141-9331). Reviewer.

2018 – 2019 "Complex Information Protection" (International conference on IT security). Program committee member.
09.2019 Moderator of the section "Cryptographic techniques and key management" at the 12th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks (ACM SIN’19).
03.2023 Moderator of the section "Technologies of chain data storage and distributed ledgers" at the conference "RusCrypto'2023".
04.2023 – present time Technocrats Group if Institutes (Bhopal, India). Member of Advisory Board.
05.2023 Moderator of the section "Cryptography & Information security" at the conference "Complex Information Protection".



04.2017 RU 2615318 Information System for Urban Environment Based on High-Frequency Wireless Short-Range Communication, with A.A.Gvaskov, D.A.Dudarev, E.A.Karpova, Y.V.Romanets, S.A.Salmanova & V.K.Syrchin.
08.2017 RU 2628458 System of Monitoring of Special Purpose Computers Safety, with A.V.Kozlov, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
10.2017 RU 2633098 Computer System with Remote Controlled Server and Device for Creating Trusted Environment and Method for Implementation of Remote Control, with D.A.Dudarev, D.V.Puzyrev, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
06.2018 RU 2018616603 Software Package for Protection of Telecommunication Channels of Unmanned Aviation Systems (Certificate of computer software state registration), with Y.V.Romanets, K.V.Borisov, I.E.Lubushkina & A.V.Sirotin.
07.2018 RU 181870 Device for Integrity Control of Computer Software Environment, with D.A.Dudarev, A.V.Poltavtsev, Y.V.Romanets, S.A.Salmanova & V.K.Syrchin.
06.2019 RU 2690782 Computer System with Remote Controlled Server and Device for Creating Trusted Environment, with I.N.Bychkov, D.A.Dudarev, I.A.Molchanov, M.V.Orlov, D.V.Puzyrev, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
06.2019 RU 2691201 System, Method and Device for Continuous Authentication of User and Protection of Workstation Resources from Unauthorized Access, with D.A.Dudarev, A.V.Poltavtsev, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
10.2019 RU 2704268 Method, System and Device for Cryptographic Protection of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Communication Channels, with K.V.Borisov, I.E.Lubushkina, Y.V.Romanets, A.V.Sirotin & V.K.Syrchin.
08.2020 RU 121204 "Crypton" Computer Design, with D.A.Dudarev, D.S.Zaytsev, A.V.Poltavtsev, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
09.2020 RU 199488 Device for generating sequences of binary random numbers, as a member of a large group of co-authors.
10.2020 RU 200051 General-purpose protected hardware platform with modular architecture, with D.A.Dudarev, V.V.Lygach, N.S.Mazurkin, A.V.Poltavtsev & Y.V.Romanets.
07.2021 RU 2748575

Method and Device of Computer Trusted Boot with Control of Peripheral Interfaces, as a member of a large group of co-authors.



06.2004 Microsoft Certified Professional (70-016 “Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0”).



04-07, 09-11.2013 & 01, 06.2014 Sec.ru (online information security journal): Best Paper Awards (monthly award (since March 2013) for the best research or analytic paper).



01.2011 – present time Senior member of International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT).
04.2011 – present time Member of Russian technical committee on standardization “Cryptography and security mechanisms” (TC 26).
07.2022 – present time Member of Russian technical committee on standardization “Information security” (TC 362).
01.2024 – present time Member of International Association for Cryptologic Research - IACR.


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