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Sergey Panasenko

Vice Director for Research & Integration, ANCUD Ltd., Moscow, Russia

E-mail Serg@panasenko.ru
Web http://www.panasenko.ru
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20+ years of work in the field of IT security, including cryptography and information security software design and development, project management and management of R&D departments.

Strong experience in successful R&D teams creating and projects completion with restricted time and resources. Large & successful experience in managing research projects. Wide experience in Windows applications development using Microsoft Visual Studio with C/C++/C# (Windows API, MFC, .NET) and SQL (MySQL & MS SQL Server). Expert in cryptographic algorithms and methods of their use (five books, 8 patents and over 250 papers in cryptography and information security). Ph. D. and Microsoft Certified Professional.


National Research University of Electronic Technology (Moscow, Russia).
Department of Micro-devices & Technical Cybernetics

02.1995 M.Sc. Specialization: Radio Engineering.
11.2003 Ph.D. Thesis: “Analysis and development of middleware systems for embedding cryptographic algorithms into common software systems”.


Work Experience (in reverse order)

10.1996 – present time

ANCUD Ltd., Moscow.
ANCUD Ltd. (found in 1991) is a well-known Russian designer and manufacturer of hard- and software for cryptographic protection of information and user access control systems.
Main customers: Federal ministries and departments, Central Bank of Russia and its regional branches, commercial banks.

02.2014 – present time

Vice Director for Research & Integration.

Main responsibilities:

  • organization of research work and active participation in them;
  • positioning the firm as an R&D company with strong research experience and capabilities;
  • public relations;
  • monitoring of the current level of science and technology in areas of the company's activity;
  • coordination of integration projects execution;
  • searching for corporate customers for research and integration projects.
01.1999 – 01.2014

Head of Software Development department.

Management of software development, including:

  • cryptography and data protection software (encryption, digital signature);
  • unauthorized access prevention systems;
  • network security: VPN systems (IPSec) & packet filters;
  • client-server authentication, access control & authorization applications.

Software architecture development, research activities (see details below) and programming.

10.1996 – 01.1999

Software developer (smart card applications, encryption modules).
10.1995 – 10.1996 “Komponent” factory (Moscow), software developer.
04.1995 – 05.1995 Applied Communications Inc. UK (Watford, UK), trainee programmer.

Books (in Russian)

Fundamental cryptography for economists, Moscow, Finance & Statistics, 2005, with V.P.Batura – 176 pp. ISBN 5-279-02938-6.

Reference book of encryption algorithms, Sankt-Petersburg, BHV-Petersburg, 2009 – 576 pp. ISBN 978-5-9775-0319-8. Over 80 citations according to Russian Science Index.

ANCUD Company – 25 years of information security providing in Russia, Moscow, Technosphere, 2016 – 256 pp. ISBN 978-5-94836-429-2. Editor and author of several chapters.

Practical methods of providing the security of information resources, Moscow, Technosphere, 2017, with A.E.Dvinskikh and S.A.Salmanova – 238 pp. ISBN 978-5-94836-494-0.

Smart cards and information security, Moscow, DMK Press, 2019, with K.Y.Mytnik – 516 pp. ISBN 978-5-97060-690-2.



International papers (in reverse order):

Over 250 domestic publications (in Russian; almost full list in Russian here). Main topics:

My publications in citation indexes:



Training Centre of Russian Ministry of Revenue, Obninsk, Russia

09.1999 – 12.1999 "Asymmetric cryptographic methods for providing information security".

National Research University of Electronic Technology

03.2003 – 06.2005 "Information security", 4th level, about 60 students.
"Methods and tools for computer information protection", 4th level, about 100 students.
09.2011 – 01.2012 "Security of information processing in computer systems", 4th level, about 20 students.


Other Activity

01.2002 – present time

“Security systems”, “World and security”, “Information security questions”, “Sec.ru” (journals, in Russian). Reviewer.
“Information security questions” (ISSN 2073-2600). Editorial board member.

04.2005 – present time

National Research University of Electronic Technology.
Opponent, Ph. D. thesis defenses.

06.2006 – present time

National Research University of Electronic Technology.
M. Sc. certification committee.
Specializations: “Complex Protection of Information Objects” and “Software Engineering”.

2008 ICT'08 (15th International Conference on Telecommunications). Reviewer.

04.2013 – present time

International Journal of Computer Theory and Engineering” (scientific journal, Singapore, ISSN 1793-8201). Reviewer.

03.2015 – present time

Microprocessors and Microsystems” (scientific journal, UK, ISSN 0141-9331). Reviewer.

04.2018 – present time "Complex Information Protection" (International conference on IT security). Program committee member.



04.2017 RU 2615318 Information System for Urban Environment Based on High-Frequency Wireless Short-Range Communication, with A.A.Gvaskov, D.A.Dudarev, E.A.Karpova, Y.V.Romanets, S.A.Salmanova & V.K.Syrchin.
08.2017 RU 2628458 System of Monitoring of Special Purpose Computers Safety, with A.V.Kozlov, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
10.2017 RU 2633098 Computer System with Remote Controlled Server and Device for Creating Trusted Environment and Method for Implementation of Remote Control, with D.A.Dudarev, D.V.Puzyrev, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
06.2018 RU 2018616603 Software Package for Protection of Telecommunication Channels of Unmanned Aviation Systems (Certificate of computer software state registration), with Y.V.Romanets, K.V.Borisov, I.E.Lubushkina & A.V.Sirotin.
07.2018 RU 181870 Device for Integrity Control of Computer Software Environment, with D.A.Dudarev, A.V.Poltavtsev, Y.V.Romanets, S.A.Salmanova & V.K.Syrchin.
06.2019 RU 2690782 Computer System with Remote Controlled Server and Device for Creating Trusted Environment, with I.N.Bychkov, D.A.Dudarev, I.A.Molchanov, M.V.Orlov, D.V.Puzyrev, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
06.2019 RU 2691201 System, Method and Device for Continuous Authentication of User and Protection of Workstation Resources from Unauthorized Access, with D.A.Dudarev, A.V.Poltavtsev, Y.V.Romanets & V.K.Syrchin.
10.2019 RU 2704268 Method, System and Device for Cryptographic Protection of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Communication Channels, with K.V.Borisov, I.E.Lubushkina, Y.V.Romanets, A.V.Sirotin & V.K.Syrchin.

Several patent applications are under expertise.



06.2004 Microsoft Certified Professional (70-016 “Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0”).



04-07, 09-11.2013 & 01, 06.2014 Sec.ru (online information security journal): Best Paper Awards (monthly award (since March 2013) for the best research or analytic paper).



01.2011 – present time Senior member of International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT).
04.2011 – present time Member of Russian technical committee on standardization “Cryptography and security mechanisms” (TC 26).

Member of the scientific and technical boards of several organizations.


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