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Evaluation of Distributed Security Systems Server Modules Peak Workload

Sergey Panasenko


Abstract: In this paper we examine distributed security systems with dedicated server modules which perform client modules managing and monitoring. Distributed security systems provide optimal solutions for various problems such as user authentication and system components access control.

Workload of distributed access control systems server modules has distinct peak periods because an amount of user authentication requests is definitely unbalanced in time. We analyze workload profile and evaluate peak and average workload of distributed access control system server modules. Then we generalize the calculation of peak workload to any distributed security system with dedicated server modules.

Knowledge of server modules peak workload may be used to determine the sufficient level of server resources to perform the predefined set of operations while managing client security modules. If peak workload exceeds server resources (allocated for management of distributed system modules) at any time period, it is required to increase performance of server hardware or to design a server cluster. An alternative way is making server workload uniform to avoid distinct periods of peak workload.